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Phoebe Legere, (b.Phoebe Ledger) renowned songwriter, is known as a dynamic performer on piano, accordion and synthesizer, with a four and half octave vocal range and free-for-all approach to mixing jazz, cabaret, and rock. In the 1990s, she played to sold-out crowds in New York City and opened for David Bowie on a national tour. More recently, Legere has increasingly focused her energy on music composition. In this capacity, Legere has been Artist in Residence at the School of Visual Arts Computer Art MFA department (2003), and at the University of Victoria Graduate School of Engineering and Music (2004). She presented her Sneakers of Samothrace, a wearable computer for music and art improvisation, in a lecture/performance at IRCAM's Resonances Aux Festival in Paris in 2004. Currently, Legere is head writer and host for Roulette TV, a NYC show about experimental art and music and records for Einstein Records, a label known for experimental and adventurous music. Legere has also been a special educator in the New York City public schools for ten years. She is known to thousands of school children as “Songbundle, Teacher of Environmental Respect.”


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